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Music Bingo

TUNEBOT® Music Bingo Software Platform offers multiple ways to enjoy playing & hosting Music Bingo Game Shows using your own music. Play Your Own Game using TUNEBOT®  Music Bingo Software Platform with Onscreen Display of Title, Artist and or Both to easily identify Songs Playing.


Music Tv Video Bingo

TUNEBOT® Music Video Tv Bingo option allows players & host the pure bliss of playing with Onscreen Display of Music Videos with the Title of Each & Every Song Displayed on connected TV’s.  Host 5 Star Rated Nights of Music Bingo & Music Video Tv Bingo with “Auto-Host” features built into TUNEBOT®

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Host Series

Host series applications are specifically designed for hosting 5 Star Rated Nights of music bingo shows and operate as an extension app of the Pro Series Platform.




TUNEBOT® host licenses offer advanced features for controlling and running live music bingo games shows from content created within pro series or enterprise series applications.


Host Series

TUNEBOT® Host Series Platform is specifically designed for 5 Star Rated Live Show Performance.   

“Auto-Host” Feature was developed specifically for this music bingo host platform. Pro approved for it’s consistency of game play for all events.


Pro Series 

TUNEBOT® Pro License is a powerful back office application that powers front office host applications for show time.



Music Bingo Software


TUNEBOT® Music Video Bingo Software APP 4.8 Version Release is a proprietary platform designed from the ground up by professionals for professionals and yes for first timers as well that wish to have TUNEBOT® Auto Host feature to assiting hosting your 5 star rated night of fun.

TUNEBOT® Music Video Bingo Software APP 4.8 offers a powerfully simple to use and technologically advanced music bingo software platform designed for first time operators with no dee jay experience to advanced professional entertainers that wish to  host flawless Music Bingo & Video Bingo Game Shows.

TUNEBOT® Music Video Bingo Software APP 4.8 is an unmatched “Advanced Software Application” for Windows & Macintosh that is extremely simple to use with licensing for approved providers to to build their own brand in the market place.

TUNEBOT® Music Video Bingo Software APP 4.8 built in Help provides training, support, resources, business development, sales, updates and marketing marcom to help you share using TUNEBOT™ APP 4.8 affiliate platform.


Support Ticket

If you’re needing additional support not provided within your TUNEBOT® Applicaton Help Tab under Tutorials, User Guide or Trouble Shooting, please submit a technical support ticket.  Typically 24 hr turnaround for  TUNEBOT® Licensed platform clients. 

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Success Stories

“We couldn’t keep 5 people in the seats with Singo and TUNEBOT® has packed our house many times on a Wednesday.”

Paula Rush Turpen

OWNER, The Tailgate

“Took what was a Monday where we couldn’t keep 4 people in the place at a single time and now our Mondays are packed with people having a ball.”

Brian Maschino

Owner, Crowbar Inn Restaurant & Lounge

“TUNEBOT® pre band show on Saturday night before the band has been a staple in our entertainment for years building a great night before the bands take the stage.”


Owner, That Place Bar & Grill


USPTO Registration

TUNEBOT®  Is registered with the United States Patent Trademark Office for CLASS 9: Software for entertainment bars, restaurants, senior venues, resorts, private events, and entertainment venues for controlling musical selections and running music based bingo games.


Software Platform

TUNEBOT® Requires Windows 8 or 10 with current updates, minimium of 4GB ram for Music Bingo, 8GB ram with 2GB video memory for Music Video Bingo and preferred is 16GB ram.  Intel-5 dual core 2.5ghz or above.


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7915 S. Emerson Ave, Suite 125 #179
Indianapolis, IN 46237, USA

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