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Music Bingo Software


Licensed Support: Refer to help tab within software.  For all other support issues, please submit a support ticket with Licensed support.


Licensing Inquiries All serious inquiries will be reviewed for consideration and we will have a Licensing agent get back in touch with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the kind of entertainment good for a first date?  It’s Ladies Night Every Night TUNEBOT® is happening, TUNEBOT® has been reviewed as a “GREAT DATE NIGHT.”

What kind of people play TUNEBOT® BINGO?  58-64% of our Live Audiences are female 25-54yrs young, which draws a very unique audience everytime and yes the “Guys” love our game as well, Our player/winner demographic is 3yrs old to 105yrs young.

When’s the best time to run TUNEBOT® BINGO?  Monday-Sunday anytime, traditionally 7pm show start times in bars/pubs, restaraunts and family friendly dining. We run TUNEBOT® before Big Basketball, Football, Baseball, Racing, Karaoke and Before Live Bands from 7pm-9pm with great success.  We also host TUNEBOT® throughout Private Events, starting as early as 8am.

Do I need a host for the events?  Yes and no. We recommend a professional “Certified Host That’s Trained By Us” to guarantee a high quality event and good atmosphere however we have built a “automated host” option where anybody can host events easily with a super fun & consistent game experience. You can run it without a professional host with preset TUNEBOT® Game Introductions, Round Introductions & A Bingo Verification System to ID Bingo Cards with Winning Format or No Bingo, with automated audio, video messages and graphics indicating game status for your players.

Do I need my own Music? Yes and No. First of all, If you hire one of our “Authorized TUNEBOT® Hosting Providers,” we grant our “Authorized TUNEBOT Hosting Providers” access to our huge Music & Music Video Library of “100% Legal Licensed Music.”

Do Venue’s Owners qualify for being granted access to your “100% Licensed Legal Music” program as well? Yes but Venue Owners are 100% responsible for all Sesac, BMI & ASCAP fees for playing Music & Videos in public performance onsite at their respective Venues in the USA.

Do you allow private labeling? Yes as a matter of fact we do! Game Players will only see your Venue Logo, Company Logo, Provider Logo, Personal Brand & Marketing. However TUNEBOT® is a pending Trademark & Service Mark with the United States Patent Trademark Office, so we must disclose that and it’s located in help section of the software application and host will see it while hosting shows, as well as internal system TUNEBOT® messages.

What is needed to run TUNEBOT® Music Bingo or TUNEBOT Music Video TV Bingo?  TUNEBOT® BINGO application works on Windows PC’s & Macintosh Computers or (MAC’s).  All you need is a computer, printer, screen, sound system and a warm body to click the buttons for Game Operation.

How many songs do you recommend for a TUNEBOT® BINGO GAME?  We recommend three songs for every square on your bingo card. 15 squares = 45 songs. 25 squares = 75 songs- (Minimum of 55 songs for 25 squares)

My Music/Video files won’t load?  TUNEBOT® APP plays MP3 and MP4 files, please make sure your Music/Video files are this or they will not load or play correctly.  Make sure you did not change the file location or drive letter if you are pulling songs from an external drive.  If you make Gamelist and then rename folder, files or location of either one, TUNEBOT®  software will be unable to reconnect to those files because the file pathway has been changed from it’s initial GameList or Playlist setup.

I don’t know a lot about music, will I still have fun? More than you thought you would have, based on new players experiencing it for the first time.  We spin the Chart Topping Tunes from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, Classic Rock n Roll, Dance Party Classics, One Hit Wonders, hard
to find hits, Plus TUNEBOT® Music Video TV Bingo Time Capsules from the Yesterday and Today’s top hits.

Support Ticket

If you’re needing additional support not provided within your TUNEBOT® Application Help Tab under Tutorials, User Guide or Trouble Shooting, please submit a technical support ticket.  Typically 24 hr turnaround.  TUNEBOT Licensed users  

Submit a support ticket here


USPTO Registrations

TUNEBOT®  Is registered with the United States Patent Trademark Office for CLASS 9: Software for entertainment bars, restaurants, senior venues, resorts, private events, and entertainment venues for controlling musical selections and running music based bingo games.


Software Platform

TUNEBOT® Requires Windows 8 or 10 with current updates, minimium of 4GB ram for Music Bingo, 8GB ram with 2GB video memory for Music Video Bingo and preferred is 16GB ram.  Intel-5 dual core 2.5ghz or above.

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17915 S. Emerson Ave, Suite 125 #179
Indianapolis, IN 46237, USA

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