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Music Bingo


TUNEBOT® Music Bingo Software Platform offers multiple ways to enjoy playing & hosting Music Bingo Game Shows. Play Your Own Game using TUNEBOT®  Music Bingo Software Platform with Onscreen Display of Title, Artist and or Both to easily identify Songs Playing.


Music Tv Video Bingo

TUNEBOT® Music Video Tv Bingo option allows players & host the pure bliss of playing with Onscreen Display of Music Videos with the Title of Each & Every Song Displayed on connected TV’s.  Host 5 Star Rated Nights of Music Bingo & Music Video Tv Bingo with “Auto-Host” features built into TUNEBOT® software.

What We Do

We specialize in delivering  a unique brand of entertainment that’s “Family Friendly, Adult Friendly, Church Friendly, Music Fan Friendly, Senior Friendly, Corporate Friendly and Fun Seeker Friendly.”

Our Approach

Anything worth doing once is worth doing it right.  That’s how we “roll” everyday for our clients, hosts and venue partners who expect nothing less.  We deliver on what we do because it matters to us!

Our Mission

Provide the highest return on entertainment investment delivering our brand of player fun factor and host experience running 5 Star Rated Nights of fun for everyone.



 Our Players


They are some of the most loyal, fun loving people on the planet and we have the numbers to support it.  “Winners” of TUNEBOT® range from 3yrs old to 105yrs young and everything inbetween.

Player Demographics  

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TUNEBOT® Music Bingo Game Show Platform was built with our players fun factor top of mind.  It’s part of our “Brand” promise to our players who helped us build it.

Our “players” told us, we listened and built TUNEBOT® alongside of their player experiences.  We Thank them every day by helping others enjoy what we’ve created for them.




We help venues deliver a unique, measureable return on entertainment fun factor and investment.  Our goal is helping you run 5 Star Rated Nights of Fun for everyone from 3yrs old to 105yrs young using “Auto-Host” & “Auto-Play” mode built into TUNEBOT® Music Bingo Platform for Venue Operators.






TUNEBOT® Music Bingo “Host App” software is built from thousands of hours of live show experience hosting 5 Star Rated Nights of Fun from 3yrs old to 105yrs young.  TUNEBOT®  Music Bingo “Auto-Host” guarantees a great show.  Pros approve “Auto-Host” assistance option in their TUNEBOT® Pro Series Platform and thanked us for all their other Pro Series tools, a lot!



Success Stories

“We couldn’t keep 5 people in the seats with Singo and TUNEBOT® has packed our house many times on a Wednesday”                                              

Paula Rush Turpen

OWNER, The Tailgate

“Took what was a Monday where we couldn’t keep 4 people in the place at a single time and now our Mondays are packed with people having a ball”

Brian Maschino

Owner, Crowbar Inn Restaurant & Lounge

“TUNEBOT® pre band show on Saturday night before the band has been a staple in our entertainment for years building a great night before the bands take the stage.”


Owner, That Place Bar & Grill

Success Stories

“We went from basically dead on Wednesday to $4k by our third TUNEBOT® Show. TUNEBOT® delivers what they say their going to do, proof positive every Wednesday night with TUNEBOT®.”

Chris McCoy

Manager, Robby's Pub

“TUNEBOT® consistently entertains our family of patrons, who actively support Live Musician’s Tues – Sunday” at TCB.  What started as a test, now showing Mondays on our Live Music Center Stage.”

Donna Richards Coffey

Owner, The Corner Bar

“TUNEBOT® has packed our house before covid and helped us during the worst of covid closure & tough times.  TUNEBOT® provided revenue relief for us and stress relief for our patrons with a Great Time for all.”


Manager, B.Barton's Pub


USPTO Registrations

TUNEBOT®  Is registered with the United States Patent Trademark Office for CLASS 9: Software for entertainment bars, restaurants, senior venues, resorts, private events, and entertainment venues for controlling musical selections and running music based bingo games.


Software Platform

TUNEBOT® Requires Windows 8 or 10 with current updates, minimium of 4GB ram for Music Bingo, 8GB ram with 2GB video memory for Music Video Bingo and preferred is 16GB ram.  Intel-5 dual core 2.5ghz or above.

Mailing Address

7915 S. Emerson Ave, Suite 125 #179
Indianapolis, IN 46237, USA

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