• Consistent Fun Factor Experience for Players at Venues Across USA Nightly.


  • #1 local favorite dj can’t be at more than one place at a time in his neighborhood, let alone hundreds of locations simultaneously across the USA.


  • Can you imagine Budweiser, Nike, Coke, Chevy or Chick-fil-A relying on a single person every night for 100% for all product & delivery in the USA? 



  • TUNEBOT® Pro series Music Bingo Software Platform “Auto-Host” delivers 5 Star Rated Music Bingo Game show regardless of host running show.   
  • TUNEBOT® Pro Series application offers advanced game options to enhance games with customized player fan experience with their own branding or as an “Authorized Host” for us.  

  • TUNEBOT® Pro Series music bingo software platform is a backbone organization application that can be expanded with Host applications. 



    TUNEBOT® Players

    They are some of the most loyal, fun loving people on the planet and we have the numbers to support it.  “Winners” of TUNEBOT® range from 3yrs old to 105yrs young and everything inbetween.

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